Brewery Tour.. Gift Voucher.


The day starts at 8.30am on Saturday (other days are available)

You will meet at the brewery and have a quick chat with the Staff, you will help with the Mash and the rite of passage every apprentice brewer must go through ….” Dig out the mash Tun”

The Brewing process is fully explained and you will be up to your elbows in Hops and grains.

Breakfast will be supplied as we start early and beer will be made available for you tasting.

The tour ends about 1.30pm when we have to start cleaning up.

We will let you know where your beer is going to be sold, so you can have the kudos moment when you can order a pint and say “I made that”

Please remember to dress down and bring wellies ( we have spares but they may not be the right size) as it does get messy.

We will send you a gift certificate, all you have to do is book the day.


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