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January 23, 2017

Save our Brewery!

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Big business is trying to destroy your Brewery. Me and my family set up Silhill seven years ago and it took us two years to find our current site due to the lack of suitable facilities in Solihull for small business, now we are under threat.
The current site has an application to build yet an another retirement home in Solihull. If this happens Solihull could lose its one and only commercial brewery. Retirement homes on average only return 50% of their value due to overdevelopment and lack of investment in these properties over the years.
Please don’t let Silhill become another footnote to the sorry saga of big property developers getting rich off the backs of small business. Please say with us, enough is enough and put your voice to good use. Please say no to planning at Oak farm and show your support for ten small business at Oak Farm, not one retirement home.

Many thanks
The Gregory Family