The story of where it

All began

30 December

From small acorns

Once upon a time a young man was having a pint of ale in Winchcombe in Cheltenham and was complaining bitterly how bad it was and how he could do better.

His friend said that there was no way he could make a better beer as these guys know what they are doing and you just don’t.

Not being one to walk away from a challenge ,a wager was made and I bought some homebrew kit and started practising making beer.

10 April

Becoming a brewer

After 6 months I was lucky enough to walk into a pub where the Landlord was selling his little brewery, A few pints later a deal was done on the condition he taught me how to brew.

17 February

Moving to Oak Farm

We into our current premises at Oak farm

16 June

Producing our first beer

We brew our first beer at Oak Farm.

20 November

Beyond the bottle

Bottle range of Silhill beers available.

You'll find Silhill

Served in